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Vital Baby New PH b

The vital baby® PROTECT™ baby thermometer has been specially designed to give fast and accurate temperature readings when you need them most, whether in baby’s nursery, at bath time or when they seem unwell.

Our 2 in 1 bath and room thermometer in a cute bear design, monitors both nursery temperature and is 100% safe for use in water.  Protecting your little one at bath and bedtime, it offers fast and accurate readings, and the built-in easy to read display and LED light alerts you when the bath is too hot for your baby’s safety.  Your baby’s nursery temperature can be monitored, simply by sitting the bear on a shelf. A quick tap on his tummy will give you an accurate and reliable reading so that you can adjust baby’s bedding or clothing if required.

With our baby thermometer, you can be safe in the knowledge you are doing your very best to care for and protect your little one from harm.