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Parenting can be daunting and nobody really knows the ‘perfect’ way to do it. Every baby is unique, it’s all about trying different methods to find what works best for you.

Our advice page introduces helpful guidance on weaning, baby food recipes, BPA-safety and more, all provided by experienced mums and dads and our in-house weaning expert and Nutritionist, Dr Rana.

What we offer

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All of our baby products are designed with your child’s safety at the forefront of our minds. Every material used is fully tested to the latest British & European Standard to ensure full compliance to the highest standard. We do our best to protect your baby.

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Our extensive range of feeding products and accessories makes us a one-stop-shop for everything you and your little one might need. From breast and bottle feeding newborns to weaning toddlers at home and on the move, we cover it all!

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We strive to make feeding as easy and fun as possible for both parents and babies. Since 2005 we have continued to push boundaries and provided ever more imaginative, simple to use and practical baby products.

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We work hard to ensure we provide the best products possible. Our multi-award-winning, highly functional baby product range is designed by parents for parents – we understand your baby needs!

What our customers say

  • Unbelievabowl Suction Bowl
    I have been using Vital Baby products for the past few weeks and have found them brilliant for weaning. I love the Unbelivabowl suction bowl, my daughter can’t pull it off like others we have tried. The spoons have also been a hit as they are flexible and not hard plastic. Vital Baby have a fab range and I look forward to seeing future products!

    Chloe - Life with the Busbys
  • Unbelievabowl Suction Bowl
    The next product we got is the Unbelievabowl Suction Bowl, this comes in two colour choices. This has been brilliant! Darcie (like most babies) picks up her bowl or plate and chucks it on the floor! But with this suction bowl she can’t do that. It comes in two sections; the base which attaches to the table or highchair tray and the bowl which locks into place

    Chloe - Life with the Busbys
  • On the go Weaning Set
    The On the Go Weaning Set, complete with spoon is such a great idea. It is ideal for on the go so you won’t have to worry about remembering a spoon because it clips on the top. As Olivia is my third baby she is forever being taken around to her older siblings, after school clubs, school runs, play dates, so I often have to feed her on the go, so this travel box is perfect.

    Living the Mummy Life
  • Non-Spill Cups
    Vital Baby do a great range of products for when you are on the go with little ones! We also take our non-spill cups everywhere with us as they are perfect when being thrown around the back of the car!

    Popitha Twins
  • Thank you @vitalbabyuk for Rivers lovely things! Today she got to try her suction travel bowl for the first time with the cutlery.. and her cup! The suction bowl is brilliant meaning she won’t tip everything out of it! And managed to eat all of her banana and strawberry yogurt 😍 it also comes with a plastic travel spoon which sits in the bowl lid. The cutlery set comes with a fork, spoon and knife which have soft finger locators to teach your little one how to hold correctly and it’s the perfect size for growing babies! River took to these straight away and really enjoyed it!

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    Nichola Towler
  • Finally we got to try the @vitalbabyuk toddler straw cup which is a no spill or free flow cup. River has recently learnt how to drink from a straw so was fascinated by having a new cup with a straw! I personally love this one as when she drops it on the floor the lid shuts and doesn’t spill! This cup is also safe for use in a dishwasher, microwave and steriliser. Again thank you @vitalbabyuk for sending us these! We are very pleased with them!

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    Nichola Towler