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What to expect in the early days after the birth of your baby

During those precious first few days you may experience a rollercoaster of emotions.  Don’t be worried if you feel excited one moment and a little overwhelmed the next, all these feelings are completely natural.


the birth

No two births are the same.  You will read lots on the signs of labour and how to prepare for the birth and may have attended antenatal classes in preparation.  We feel you should trust your body to do the talking.  You have been caring for this baby for months and will know what feels right when the time comes.  When your little bundle arrives it will be well worth the wait.


the first 48 hours

Those first couple of days can be filled with a mixture of emotions and opens the door to a whole new world of exciting experiences.  From the first meconium nappy (the first poo has a black tar-like consistency which is made up of what baby ingested whilst in the womb), to trying to breastfeed and the first bath time, try to enjoy these experiences as much as possible.  They all seem strange but these are just a few of the many firsts you will experience throughout your little one’s life.


those first few days at home

After all the build-up to the birth, you may have not considered what the first few days at home will be like.  You will probably have guests popping by, flowers and cards arriving and all this time you may feel tired and just want to spend some time alone with your new family.  Give yourself some space to enjoy these precious moments and don’t be scared to say no to guests for a couple of days until you feel up to it!  Although they will be excited to meet the newest member of your family, they will understand that you want to spend time with your new family too!

As a partner, listen and support mum in whatever she needs at that time.  Take on as much as you can; nappy changes, dressing baby, feeds if possible, household tasks, preparing food and drinks and most importantly, ensure mum rests as much as she can after the birth.

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