Baby hygiene

The truth about sterilising

It’s really important to sterilise baby’s feeding equipment to protect your baby’s developing immune system from potentially harmful bacteria for the first 12 months.  To sterilise effectively, ensure that all bottles, teats and accessories are disassembled and washed thoroughly with warm soapy water and rinsed clean before sterilising.  Ensure you re-assemble items with clean hands or sterilised tongs if you can and always on a clean surface too.  As a general rule, as soon as a steriliser is opened, the contents inside are no longer sterile.


There are many different methods of sterilising including cold water sterilization using sterilising tablets, electric and microwave sterilisers, and boiling.  The newest innovation from vital baby® uses the latest ultraviolet LED technology to safely kill 99.9% of bacteria, mould and viruses.  The vital baby® NURTURE™ pro UV steriliser & dryer dry-disinfects without the need for chemicals, heat, steam or sterilising solution, giving you extra peace of mind that your baby is looked after.





  • effective – UV light is a very effective way of killing germs and bacteria. It has been used for many years in hospitals, laboratories, dentists, beauticians, and even water filtration systems! How does is work It disinfects by breaking down the molecular structure of the germs and destroying them.
  • efficient – utilising low power wattage it is highly energy efficient.
  • safe – there is less risk of anyone being burnt by hot water and steam.
  • versatile – dry UV sterilisation can be used to sterilise many items including bottles, teethers, soothers, toys, make-up brushes and remote controls.
  • environmentally friendly – no chemicals are required at all.
  • easy to clean and maintain – no descaling required as there is no water used.



Sterilise with confidence with trusted sterilising solutions from vital baby® NURTURE™ including our pro UV steriliser & dryer, 2 in 1 combination steriliser, and microwave sterilising bags.  Available exclusively from John Lewis

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