silicone feed assist™ teats medium flow

Designed for use with vital baby® NURTURE™ silicone feed assist feeding bottles, the vital baby® NURTURE™ silicone feed assist teats make use of advanced triple anti-colic valves to help reduce air intake.


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Colour:  clear

Suitable from:  birth upwards

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medium flow

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2x vital baby® NURTURE™ silicone feed assist teat medium flow

The classic shaped wide neck teat is only compatible with vital baby® NURTURE™ silicone feed assist feeding bottles to offer complete control of milk flow for baby.  The silicone teat is soft and kind on baby’s skin.

For hygiene reasons, we recommend that the teats should be replaced at regular intervals. Check your teat each time you are about to use the bottle, this is crucial when your baby is developing teeth.  Replace your teat at the first sign of damage.


vital baby® are proud to work alongside the charity CLEFT ( which supports families with babies born with cleft lip or palate in several low resource countries.  The vital baby® NURTURE™ silicone feed assist feeding bottle provides the benefit of being able to “squeeze” milk through the teat when the baby is unable to suck or feed normally due to the complications of a cleft lip or palate, enabling an easier and more relaxed feeding time for both baby and parents, and ultimately reducing the need for tube feeding.

Please ensure that you liaise with your Cleft Nurse before commencing use of these bottles for medical reasons. For further information, please contact CLAPA which supports families in the UK ( )


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