Parents with children

Self care – parents need looking after too!

Becoming a parent is exciting but can also be overwhelming at times. The changes to mum, relationships and of course sleep deprivation, can all lead to emotional and mental health strains. Take some time out for self-care and recognise that asking for help is not a sign of failure; protecting you and your baby is part of your journey.


bonding with baby – making time amongst the chaos to share intimate moments with baby will further strengthen your bond as a parent.  Cuddle baby, put the phone away, watch baby sleep, or play together to share memorable times together.


sleep – it is important that you rest when your baby sleeps.  Napping when you can will help you recharge your batteries too.


ask your partner or family and friends to help – don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family. Your partner will naturally want to help, but if friends and family want to come over, ask them to sit with baby while you have a relaxing bath or maybe ask them to bring over some food or make you a relaxing cup of tea!


get out and about in the fresh air – as soon as you feel able, pop out for some fresh air. Daylight is great for Vitamin D, which makes us naturally feel good, and walking with baby is a good form of exercise to keep your mood lifted.  It would be a good routine for you moving forward providing you with important family time.


Most importantly, stay as calm as you can.  With hormones all over the place, lack of sleep and emotional and physical changes to your body, you may feel overwhelmed.  Focus on the important things and let everything else go for a while.

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