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Vital Baby New PH b

Babies and toddlers like to be messy – fact!  Although it can be frustrating, it need not be stressful with our range of vital baby® HYGIENE™ products.

With so many chemical nasties in our household products, how can parents be reassured the brands they use are not harmful? Our award-winning vital baby® HYGIENE™ AQUAINT® sanitising water is a revolutionary 100% natural cleansing water that kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds. This highly useful household spray is made from a unique mix of water and Hypochlorous Acid, a completely natural acid, which is produced in the human body to fight bacteria and germs.  Safe to use on baby’s hands and skin, it is ideal for use in the home or when out and about. Tasteless and odourless, it can immediately neutralise bacteria on any item including teethers, spoons, soothers and teats.  This sanitising water is so pure that it has passed stringent UK drinking water tests and has been endorsed by Allergy UK as suitable for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin.

Perfect for just about any messy situation, vital baby® HYGIENE™ super soft hand and face wipes available in a fragrance free or fruity fragranced pack, have been designed for reassurance and peace of mind when caring for your baby. Specially formulated for use on baby’s hands and face these mild wipes contain zero alcohol and are hypoallergenic, making them gentle for baby.

Germs and bacteria can be a thing of the past with our range of baby cleansing products to help keep your baby, family and home clean, hygienic and safe.