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We believe that a healthy lifestyle should begin at an early age.  We all know a well-hydrated baby is a happy baby, but sometimes getting your baby to drink their water can be a challenge. They can struggle with the spouts and may end up either getting frustrated that they can’t get anything out of the spout or tipping it all over themselves!

Made from safe and soft phthalate-free and BPA-free materials, vital baby® HYDRATE™ baby cups  and toddler cups have been designed to help your little one progress to drinking from a baby cup with confidence.

Each age and stage range has special features and benefits, from removable valves to silicone straws, designed to encourage independent drinking skills without the spills!

The right baby drinking cup at the right time is the key. That’s why we have different ranges of baby drinking cups to support you with choosing the correct cup for your baby or toddler – free-flow, non-spill leak-proof cups, and kidz for big kids!

The vital baby® HYDRATE ™ baby and toddler cup collection has been designed to facilitate baby hydration from 4 months, through toddlerhood and beyond with a cup for every age and stage.  Designed in bright colours, there is sure to be a cup of choice for every little one helping them to progress easily through the stages of independent drinking.