Preparing for baby – what to expect when you’re expecting a baby

Pregnancy can be one of the most incredible and unforgettable times of your life. From the moment the positive result appears, to seeing your little bundle on-screen for the first time, to feeling the wriggles as baby develops, the journey is absolutely life changing.

the three trimesters of pregnancy

Your pregnancy is broken down into 3 trimesters.


  1. 0 – 12 weeks: Baby’s primary systems and structures develop. Mum goes through major physical and emotional changes and common pregnancy symptoms such as nausea are usually most present.
  2. 13 – 27 weeks: Often referred to as the ‘golden period’ as the sickness passes, energy levels can return and baby begins to move.
  3. 28 + weeks: The final stage as both mum and baby begin to prepare for birth.


Pregnancy can be a time of countless emotions. The miracle of a new life beginning comes hand-in-hand with exhaustion, anxiety, aches and pains and fear of the unknown for an expectant mum.  Try to make time to rest and relax where possible and appreciate the extent of the changes that are happening at each stage.

We live in a busy fast-paced world and it can be difficult to find the time to relax during pregnancy. Looking after yourself is so important and these precious weeks are when you need it most.

Here are some simple tips that you can practise every day to help ease a number of ailments and help you stay relaxed.

Ease away aches and pains by investing in a good gym ball.  It will help keep your spine aligned and help take the pressure off your lower back to relieve any tension the baby’s weight may be causing.

Relieve heartburn by holding your hands above your head in a prayer position to open your chest and lengthen your body.  Hold it here and take some deep breaths.

Take time and space for yourself and your baby by practising yoga or some simple breathing, relaxation or meditation techniques, whilst holding or gently massaging your bump.  This can help ease away any anxieties and help you bond with baby whilst pregnant.

From a partner perspective, do your best to appreciate both physical and emotional changes for mum-to-be, making extra allowances for these. Encourage her to talk about any anxieties or changes she is worried about and take an active interest in her pregnancy.

After all, pregnancy is precious.  Nothing is more important than you and your baby, so as best as you can, try to relax and enjoy this time as an expecting family.

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