scrambled tofu

Plant Based Baby’s Scrambled tofu with courgettes, red peppers, onion and spinach


Quarter of a block of firm tofu

Quarter of a red pepper

Half a red onion

Handful of baby spinach leaves



1) Chop the onion very finely, then sweat it down in a little olive oil.

2) Add the peppers and courgettes, also very finely chopped and keep cooking until they are soft too.

3) Mash the tofu in a separate bowl until very finely crumbed and then add to the vegetable mix, keep cooking until everything is well combined and the flavours come together.

4) Add the washed spinach, shredded, and let it just slightly wilt. For babies, this is a great way to start introducing lumps and you can make this dish for the whole family, leaving the portion for adults slightly chunkier.m

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