Plant Based Baby’s Carrot and Apple Purée Recipe

This simple purée uses two great flavours. Don’t be afraid to mix fruit and vegetables, particularly in the early stages when you have tried single-flavour fruit or vegetable purées and want to start moving on to a mix of two or three tastes.



2 carrots

1 crunchy apple



Peel and core the apple, top and tail then peel the carrot and then cut both into chunky chip sized sticks.

Place the carrot sticks into a baby food processor or steamer and steam for 5-8 minutes until almost soft. Add the apple and continue cooking for a few more minutes until a knife will go into the sticks easily.

Remove the sticks from the processor, reserving the cooking fluid. Keep a few of the sticks to one side and allow to cool, as these can be used for a Baby-Led Weaning treat.

Blend the remaining sticks with a little of the cooking water to a smooth purée.

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