Baby with mum

Next steps after the first few months

Life never stands still with your baby. Changes and new stages will continue to happen with your little one from the birth right through to when they fly the nest.  After those first few days and weeks, you can expect to see and experience many things.  We have highlighted just a few.



At around 6-8 weeks, baby will repay all of those sleepless nights with the ultimate gift to make it all feel worthwhile. Their first smile!



At around 6 months old, baby will be ready to start having their first tastes of solid foods alongside their usual milk.



Babies can start to develop teeth through the gums as early as 8 weeks old, with baby’s first usually appearing at around 6 months.


rolling over

In what feels like the blink of an eye, baby goes from not moving to never staying still! Baby may begin to roll from tummy to back as early as 4 months old, mastering the reverse move a few months later.


As soon as little one is on the move, previously ‘safe’ areas can become filled with potential hazards as they become more inquisitive.  Child-proofing the house with a few simple steps before it is necessary will mean that accidents may be prevented.  Falls, burns, trips or pulling items onto themselves are most common with young children. Ensure that stair gates are in place, hot items are kept out of reach, plug sockets are made secure, bath water temperature is checked and medicines and cleaning products are locked away.

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