Hygiene and safety for babies

Health and hygiene are two issues all parents really care about and they’re top of our list too.  Let’s face it, caring for a baby and creating a hygienic environment can feel never ending.  With the right equipment, some common sense and a routine, these tasks become second nature and you can feel confident that baby will be safe at home or when out and about.

cleaning & cleansing – regularly wiping surfaces and washing baby equipment is a great habit to get into once baby has arrived. In particular, make sure that any areas used to prepare bottles or food are clean.

Sterilising – baby feeding equipment, breast pumps and soothers should all be sterilised until your baby is 12 months, as milk can harbour harmful bacteria which could make your little one poorly.  There are many different sterilising options out there, from cold water, microwave and electric to new uv sterilisation, which can even clean soothers, teethers and small toys.

changing time – always make sure baby is changed on a wipe clean mat where possible and remember good hand hygiene. Wash hands thoroughly after each change and dispose of dirty nappies using secured nappy bags or a special nappy bin such as the new vital baby® HYGIENE™ odour-trap™ nappy disposal system, which stores up to 25 dirty nappies at a time, saving multiple trips to the outside bin. No expensive cassettes are required. Simply use any plastic bag!

Germs – germs are all around and as baby grows he/she will want to chew most things! The vital baby® Aquaint® Sanitising Water is revolutionary – a 100% natural cleaning water that kills bacteria in seconds and safe enough to use on baby’s hands from birth.


For all your hygiene and sterilising needs vital baby® is with you every step of the way.  The vital baby® collection includes nappy disposal systems, sterilisers includes an electric breast pump, breast pads, sterilisers and sanitising water.  Find out more here.


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