Food Prep

Parents told us how they’d love a simple, easy and clever way to prepare healthy and nutritious fresh food for their little one. So, our designers got to work and came up with the brilliant ‘BabyFood Pro’. This genius all-in-one machine makes it possible to steam-cook and blend fruits, vegetables and meats and fish in a short space of time. This neat, compact multi-functional appliance can prepare perfect purees for first feeds as well as the chunkier favourites babies prefer as their appetite grows.

The BabyFood Pro is a versatile machine that can be used from newborn to warm expressed or formula milk and when baby is ready to wean, parents are able to prepare nutritious and healthy meals. This Pro blender enables parents to batch cook meals and freeze them in portion sizes of their choice by storing individual portions in our ‘Removable Twist ‘n’ Lock Freezer Pods’ or other Vital Baby food storage containers.

Our blender makes smooth purees and as baby grows the texture of the food can be altered for chunkier meals to suit baby’s needs by pressing the blend button in short bursts. It can be used for the whole family as it can also be used to steam whole portions of food, which can simply be removed without using the blend function.

Prepare, steam-cook and blend with complete confidence and control. We love our BabyFood Pro and we’re sure you will too.

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