Drinking Cups

When your baby is ready to move from a bottle to drinking independently from a cup, it’s a clear sign that their journey from baby to toddler has begun.  There are lots of ways, both physically and emotionally how you, as a parent can make this progression from bottle to cup easier for both you and your child.  The right baby drinking cup at the right time is the key. That’s why Vital Baby has 4 ranges of baby drinking cups to support parents with choosing the correct cup for their baby or toddler – Free-Flow, Non-Spill, KidiSipper and Simply. We’re proud to supply you with BPA free baby drinking cups across all of our brilliant range.

Each range has its special features and benefits, from removable valves to silicone straws, they all share our commitment to you that Vital Baby cups are safe, 100% BPA free and designed to make drinking from a cup a positive and memorable milestone in your little one’s life.