Silicone Bottles

You probably ask yourself the question ‘how to bottle feed a newborn’ – you’re not on your own. At Vital Baby, we understand that some parents may need to give some extra help to their little ones while feeding. To make feed-time as easy as possible for your baby, we’ve designed a range of silicone bottles and teats that help to reduce the strain on your child’s lips and mouth.

These bottles can be squeezed lightly to help the milk or formula flow through the teat more freely to reduce the pressure required as your baby feeds, helping along your experience of newborn bottle feeding. We only use the highest quality soft medical grade silicone for all our teats and bottles so you can be assured that the feeding experience is as gentle and effortless as possible for both you and your baby. Working with many hospitals around the UK, our silicone bottles have received amazing feedback from Cleft Lip and Palate nurses and parents of babies born with cleft lip or palates, due to their ease of use for both parent and baby.

If you’re looking for newborn bottles that suit you and your babies individual needs, give these a go.

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