Breast-Like Bottles

Breastfeeding is best. It’s what mother-nature intended. But we know it’s not always possible or convenient to breastfeed and sometimes it’s easier, or necessary to bottle feed. The Vital Baby breast-like bottles feeding range has been specially designed to mimic mum’s breast and give a natural breastfeeding experience every time. Our unique teat has a soft, stretchy feel and an advanced anti-colic airflow system.

We make it easy for you to give your baby the benefits of natural breastfeeding even when you have chosen not to. We help you switch between breast and bottle so you can carry on giving your baby the enjoyment of natural breastmilk for longer. The range provides progression so that as your baby grows you can increase bottle size and move from a slow or medium to fast flow teat, ensuring that you baby gets the best nutrition possible for longer during those early stages of feeding.

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