Baby Christmas present ideas in the Evening Standard

We’re pleased to be spotted in the Evening Standard’s article on…

Best Christmas presents for babies and toddlers

Our playful and educational Swim Rings are featured as a great Christmas present idea.

“In my experience, people forget about bath time toys. They buy some rubber ducks that go mouldy inside and a couple of plastic cups and think the job’s a goodun. But bath time has so much potential for fun and learning, it’s a real shame not to have some great toys in your armoury.

Vital Baby’s Swim Rings consist of six floating rings with six different coloured sea creatures to perch inside them. The rings join up in a circle or chain, so there’s plenty of scope for imaginative play. The 23-month-old who tried them out insisted on taking the crab out of the bath and into bed with him. That’s a total win, in my eyes!”

For just £12.99 you can enjoy gifting this or buying a set for yourself for this festive season. If you want to learn more about our Swim Rings, click here.

Swim Rings
Baby playing with swim rings in bath