What parents have to say about Aquaint

Vital Baby’s Aquaint Sanitising Water (click here for more product info!) is really popular and not just with parents. How can you go wrong with a water that cleans and sanitises without containing any alcohol? Read below for some helpful testimonials from parents, doctors, grandparents and more…

Aquaint boy and girl

Mums, Dad and Grandparents

The most versatile product you will ever buy! Safe, practical, refreshing, simple, easy to use, multi-functional so eliminates need for multiple products and it is not sticky like other anti-bacterial hand cleansers. This versatile product really can be used on anything and everything. I use it to wipe down the highchair, clean sticky hands, clean my hands, spritz baby’s dummy and drinking cup spout, the list is endless. Perfect for when out and about in restaurants and changing rooms but equally as useful at home. I only wish I’d known about it when breastfeeding so that I could have sterilised my breast pump with it. I have the full-size product at home and take the travel size bottle everywhere, even when the baby isn’t with me. A true 5-star must-have product, very happy with it, it definitely exceeded my expectations. Sally Thurbon

I have both the large and small bottles of Aquaint. One is kept in my changing bag and one at the dinner table. I am finding it invaluable in my daily life as a busy Mum. It is incredibly reassuring to know that just one squirt will render all nasties gone and leave no chemical residue. I use it before and after dinner on hands, on my daughter’s hands when she tries to “help” change her nappy, in her mouth when she eats my flip flops and I even used it to sanitise the floor after a cat vomit this morning!! I genuinely don’t know what I would do without it now as it has so many uses. It is so much easier than constant hand washing and doesn’t sting my eczema covered hands either. It’s a fantastic product that no Mother should be without. Sarah Bayley

I have only been using Aquaint for a few weeks, yet it has totally changed the way that I sterilise my baby’s cups and bottles, and makes feeding her in restaurants and cafés so much easier and safer. I wish I had known about this ‘miracle water’ when I first had my baby, as it would have been invaluable to use with a newborn. There are very few things on the market that will have such a profound impact on a new mum’s day-to-day life, but Aquaint is very much one of them. Victoria Barker

I think this is a fantastic product and wish it had been around when I had my first son. Brilliant for when a dummy has been dropped, or a bottle knocked over; I use it on my hands too and the kids prefer it to sterilising gel because it doesn’t have that chemical smell that so many do. I wouldn’t be without it now! Michaela

I wanted to say what a fantastic product this is – I wish it had been around when I had my first two children (now 19 and 16). I’m very wary of chemicals and the effect it may have in the short and long term with my children’s health, but obviously worry about cleanliness. Using Aquaint solves this, and with my one year old I can carry around the small handy sized bottle in my bag to use on literally anything that needs cleaning i.e. hands, dummies, highchairs in restaurants……I can use it for my hands when out and about too, as other cleansers flare up my dermatitis. I keep the large bottle at home to use around the house on toys etc, and refill the small bottle whenever I need to. Brilliant product – thank you. Alison Wanden

What a fantastic idea!! Packed in my suitcase ready for holidays. How convenient for any Mum on the go. LOVE IT!! Kate Smith

Aquaint is a brilliant product. I have purchased various antibacterial solutions since the arrival of my daughter 12 weeks ago only then to find that they are highly flammable, can cause allergic reactions and to ‘consult a doctor if swallowed’. I have only just got around to ordering some now that our daughter is teething and putting everything in her mouth. I am going to recommend the product to lots of my Mummy friends. C. Willis

I’ve been using Aquaint with my 3-year-old who was reluctant to wash his hands. We love using it for everything now, including on his tongue blisters when he got hand, foot & mouth from playgroup – mmm, lovely! He understands the importance of washing off germs and I now carry some in my bag for emergencies. I actually do love the stuff and use it all the time on surfaces, hands, dummies, beakers etc. We had a bad year for bugs last winter so I think it can only do us good! Thanks! Mel Sutton

Being first time parents, we read lots of reviews and Aquaint appealed due to not containing harsh chemicals. We used the large bottle for cleaning our babies changing mat after changes, wiping his cot down, topping and tailing him. The small one is so handy in his changing bag to clean his hands and face, wipe down surfaces and even to use as a spray to clean him with our reusable baby wipes during nappy changes. We have been really impressed with Aquaint and will continue to use it and recommend it. Jessica Bruss

We heard about Aquaint from another mum and thought the concept was great. ‎Now we have little bottles in changing bags and a big bottle at home to make sure our little one’s toys are always clean. Great idea and great product. Thanks Aquaint. Simon Gill

I have been using Aquaint for a few weeks now and am very impressed.  It is so much easier and quicker than the microwave steriliser I was using before, and you don’t have to wait for the bottles to cool before you can use them.  I am going on holiday next month and will definitely be taking a bottle of Aquaint with me as it so handy. Lucy Holmes

Thanks for that! That is amazing! I have been using the little one on dummies but will be buying the big bottles to use at home! Hema Sujeevan

As I’ve chosen not to use a soother for my daughter, she is constantly sucking at her hands. Aquaint is the only product I trust to spray on her hands to keep them clean. Louise Owens

I am so excited to have found your product and will take it when I go camping on Friday. Marian Cullen

Firstly, I would like to thank you for Aquaint, my daughter is now 11 months old and it took me 6 months to discover your product which I found in JoJo’s Blackheath branch. Myself and my NCT ‘crew’ had spent months looking for a product like this, as we wanted something which would safely cleanse our baby’s hands, especially after changing in public areas. A bout of Rotavirus had us all desperate when the babies were 3 months old and I am pleased to say between all 6 babies we’ve not had 1 poorly tummy since finding your product! Charlotte Lee

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What the Doctors say…

We have asked some top Doctors for their views on Aquaint. Below are five questions we asked the experts with their responses.

Do you see Aquaint as a better alternative to using alcohol-based products and/or products containing toxic chemicals?

Yes. It is easy to use and, as someone who gets migraines triggered by smells, I appreciated the lack of chemical or masking after-smells. I also feel that, given the choice between two products that are equally effective but where one carries less potential risk from chemicals, one should recommend the lower-risk alternative. Dr. Julian Spinks

Yes, in fact although my Daughter in Law, who has a 9-month-old baby, did not previously use alcohol-based products, she now takes a little Aquaint spray with her everywhere. Dr. Michael Apple

I have no doubt that parents will see Aquaint as a better alternative to using alcohol-based products (particularly my Muslim parents) and other products that contain toxic chemicals. Even competitor products like some baby wipes which also claim to be alcohol free and avoid toxic chemicals, do admit to using a preservative called methylparaben [which Aquaint does not]. Dr. Jim Lawrie

Definitely. Dr. Louise R Newson

Yes, my wife already prefers this to the every day house cleaning products we had. Dr. Arun Ghosh

Aquaint mum and baby
Aquaint boy

What advantages do you feel it has?

It has a combination of good antimicrobial cover and activity, ease of use and reduced chemicals, with associated risks and odours. Dr. Julian Spinks

There is no smell, it dries quickly and appears to be non-irritant. Dr. Michael Apple

The main advantage with Aquaint is its safety particularly the suggestion that it is even safe to swallow or spray in the mouth. Dr. Jim Lawrie

It appears to be safer, less toxic and odourless which is good. I have three children and my 2-year-old likes to “help” clean so she enjoys using it. She often squirts it in her mouth! I also have an AGA and cannot use chemicals on this but I have been using Aquaint and it cleans it up really well. It also appears to clean all my surfaces very well. Dr. Louise R Newson

With young children and pregnant women, the amount of evidence against the use of chemical products and exposure is gathering and this is worrying. This product appears to be breaking new ground in the need to reduce this. Dr. Arun Ghosh

Do you think there is a need for a product like Aquaint?

I do feel that there is a need for a product that can be used in high risk areas where you do not want contamination of food or exposure of children to harsh or toxic chemicals. Dr. Julian Spinks

Yes. For example, my daughter in law sprays toys used by her childminder with Aquaint before letting her daughter use them. She also sprays surfaces at her childminder’s house, at cafés where she takes her baby and she also sprays her baby’s hands if she or the baby has a cold for example. My daughter in law is not obsessional about infections but as a first-time mum she just finds it a reassuring thing to do for the baby. Also, she is a hairdresser and thinks it is a good idea to spray her own hands after work before handling her baby again. Dr. Michael Apple

I think there is a need for a product like Aquaint although it may be a niche market and a lot of people are used to using baby wipes. Dr. Jim Lawrie

Definitely. Dr. Louise R Newson

I would like to say yes but I wonder if the larger producers would copy this idea and produce similar products in their own brand range. Dr. Arun Ghosh

Aquaint 50ml line

How would you sum it up?

In a world where we are surrounded by increasing numbers of potentially toxic chemicals, Aquaint gives us a way to get the protection we need against toxic chemicals without adding to our exposure to these chemicals. Dr. Julian Spinks

Convenient, discreet, odourless, safe. Dr. Michael Apple

I would sum this up as a natural sanitising spray for mums and baby’s who are on the move, or at home. Dr. Jim Lawrie

Excellent Dr. Louise R Newson

 Excellent product and cleaner – that a chemical conscious home stead would suit. Dr. Arun Ghosh

Would you recommend it?

I would recommend it, particularly for families, babies or young children. It would also be useful for those at high risk of infection and who have existing allergies to cleaning chemicals. Dr. Julian Spinks

Yes, in fact my daughter in law has recommended it to some of her friends with babies. Dr. Michael Apple

I would recommend this product, although I would like to understand a little better how it works so I can have 100% confidence about its efficacy and safety. Dr. Jim Lawrie

Yes – I would be happy to continue to use it in my kitchen!! Dr. Louise R Newson

Yes. Dr. Arun Ghosh

More Health Professionals…

Aquaint is powerful enough to kill 99.9% of bacteria yet remains safe enough for use on infants, including newborn babies. Alcohol-free, it contains low levels of a substance we make in our own bodies to fight bacteria. You can sterilise bottles (and reuse without rinsing), teething rings, dummies, kitchen surfaces, breast pumps and more. Aquaint is even endorsed by Allergy UK as ‘Allergy Friendly’ making it an essential edition for every home.

Dr Sarah Brewer

GP, Registered Nutritionist, Media Medic & Award-Winning Health Writer

Allergy UK are delighted to recognise Aquaint as one of our Allergy Friendly Products.  Aquaint is a unique sanitiser that does not use alcohol or other harmful chemicals, and is, therefore, unlikely to cause a reaction in those with allergies and sensitive skin.  Aquaint can be safely used on the hands and body, and even on the skin of a new born baby, as well as on surfaces (even those that touch a baby’s mouth) with no need to rinse off.

Lindsey McManus

Deputy CEO, Allergy UK