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Eco is the way to go

Eco is the way to go

As parents ourselves, we are conscious about using less single-use plastics and are aware of nasty chemicals being poured into our waterways.  More and more parents we speak to are looking for environmentally friendly products to use in the home for their family or multi-purpose products that can be used for many things or repurposed after the first year.

On hearing the recent announcement that John Lewis has revealed a spike in sales of ‘eco-friendly’ products, we look at what you can do in the real world of life as a busy parent to help protect the planet for your little one’s future.  We know there are many sources of information out there on how to be more eco-friendly, but let’s face it when you are juggling many balls, some of these suggestions can seem a little unrealistic to say the least!


1. Reduce your plastic bag mountain

Have you ever looked in your kitchen cupboard and wondered why you have a messy carrier bag mountain in front of you instead of what you actually need?  If you can, pop a couple of carrier bags in your jacket pocket,  handbag or changing bag so you always have one handy and don’t find yourself at the checkout paying 5p for yet another useless bag.  We like the reusable fabric bags which you can get in some really funky designs.  We have a great use for your plastic bags though!  Rather than buying individual nappy bags, why not reduce your carrier bag mountain and use them for your nappies instead.  This may seem wasteful popping one dirty nappy in a big bag, but hold that thought… what if you could put one plastic bag in a nappy bin and the bin sealed away the smells so you could get up to 25 nappies in one bag?  Our vital baby® HYGIENE™ odour-trap® nappy disposal system featuring a patented odour-trap® seal does just that. It locks in all nasty odours, and is fully compatible with both reusable and disposable nappies. Unlike other nappy disposal systems, there is no need for any expensive plastic refills or cassettes, meaning less plastic into landfill and a cost saving to you. It can be used with any plastic bag, helping you to do your bit to look after our planet whilst conveniently controlling nasty nappy odours.


2. Sterilise Solutions

Sterilising your baby’s feeding bottles and accessories is necessary during the first 12 months.  Finding the right sterilising option for you is a decision in itself, without having to think if it is environmentally friendly.  Well, there is a solution which is better for the environment and super safe for your baby too.  Our innovative vital baby® NURTURE™ pro UV steriliser & dryer is one of our best-sellers at the moment.  Not only does it dry-disinfect without the need for chemicals, heat, steam or sterilising solution, it can be used well beyond the first year to clean cuddly toys, mobile phones and even your make-up brushes too!  Effective and easy to use, using only UV light from special LEDs, the UV steriliser has been designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria to keep baby healthy and happy.  It has a very low power consumption compared to traditional electric steam sterilisers, plus there are no chemicals required so there is no need to empty used liquids down the drain and into waterways.


3. Eco hygiene


Try and steer clear of harsh chemicals in cleaning and disinfectant products.  We know they help clean the house and cleanse dirty hands quicker, but they are not so good for you or your baby’s health or the environment.  Instead consider using products you may have around the home such as vinegar and baking soda (check out loads of ideas using these on You Tube), or if you don’t have time, try one of the many eco-friendly cleaners now adorning the shelves in stores.   We know how precious little ones are, and that you will do everything you can to ensure they stay safe.  For a simple and handy cleansing solution to keep your little one’s hands and essential items germ free, you could try our award-winning vital baby® Aquaint® Sanitising Water, a revolutionary 100% natural cleansing water that kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds.  Made from a unique mix of water and Hypochlorous Acid, a naturally occurring acid produced in the human body to fight bacteria and germs, it is safe to use directly on baby’s hands and skin, and can immediately neutralise bacteria on any item including teethers, spoons, soothers and teats.  A handy reusable spray bottle in two different sizes, it can be kept at home or popped into the changing bag.


4. Use, reuse and reuse again


We believe that encouraging your kids from an early age to use a reusable water/drinks bottle,  and not to use straws or buy small plastic bottles of drinks, gives them a good start in learning to look after the environment.  You can do this easily every day, but birthday parties are a haven for plastic waste – plastic bowls, table cloths, straws, plates… and the list goes on.  We know you may still be pregnant, or just had your baby, but the first birthday party will soon come around!  Try and throw an eco-friendly party from an early age, using nothing but paper or reusable products that don’t just go in a black bin bag at the end of the day (despite how shattered you feel after hosting!).  If this is a step too far, washing and reusing plastic cups and plates is a move in the right direction.  You could try our value for money NOURISH™perfectly simple cutlery, plates, cups or bowls, as an inexpensive option that can be used time and time again for mealtimes, picnics and parties in the future!


5. Snack attack 


Baby snacks are a parenting must-have, but if you can, try to save pre-packaged individually wrapped products for when you are out and about.  Even better, buy them in the biggest bag or box possible and then decant into a reusable cup or snack bowl like our NOURISH™ snack on the go™, which is perfect for when out on family trips, or at home for less mess and less stress!



6. Step it Up


Get your steps up as much as you can.  If you walk with your little one from their early days, it will not only be good for your health, but really beneficial for them too.  The fresh air and being out and about is great for calming baby, but it is also really good for both your and their emotional and physical wellbeing.  Next time you really just want to jump in the car for that 3 minute journey, think to yourself, “could I walk it and how much better will that make us feel?” The answer will more than likely be, “Yes, and it will be great for us both!”.  Kids who walk and get out and about from an early age rather than being transported in the car, can not only benefit emotionally and physically, but also are more likely to walk or cycle to where they need to be in later life, rather than just expecting you to be their personal taxi service!


7. Flower Power


You don’t need to be Alan Titchmarsh to select and plant a few flowering plants in the garden.  Kids love getting muddy and helping create pretty things in the garden.  But, by doing this with them you and they are also helping the environment too.  Go for colours like yellow and purple which attract pollinating insects, bees and wildlife.  Even if you have no garden, see if you can find some space if possible for a pot or two.  Even through the winter there are some lovely options – they will cheer you and you little ones up too!


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